Italian Social Marketing Network Newsletter 160


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Despite advances in behavioural science, there is no widely shared understanding of the ‘mechanisms of action’ (MoAs) through which individual behaviour change techniques (BCTs) have their effects. Cumulative progress in the development, evaluation and synthesis of behavioural interventions could be improved by identifying the MoAs through which BCTs are believed to bring about change…….. Conclusions: The BCT-MoA links described by intervention authors and identified in this extensive review present intervention developers and reviewers with a first level of systematically collated evidence. These findings provide a resource for the development of theory-based interventions, and for theoretical understanding of intervention evaluations. The extent to which these links are empirically supported requires systematic investigation.

Progetto Raperozolo: dona i tuoi capelli

Questo lato del lavoro ci entusiasma molto: é diverso, concreto e solidale verso le persone in difficoltà. Noi siamo solo un tassello di una lunga filiera che termina nella donazione di una parrucca ai malati oncologici. Noi ci mettiamo le forbici e voi ci mettete i capelli!?? ���Occhio ai requisiti per la donazione